The Realm of Carnassus…

Political intrigue is ripe within the realm of Carnassus. With the dissolution of the Holy State the Empyreum into two new countries, Ackerland and High Empyreum, tensions are high as none of the governments trust each other, but cannot provoke each other without allies. The Balasar, a magical reptilian race that follows a strict religion, must hold off strange powers within the Wastes at their borders. Sylvandael, the conclave of elves to the North, have withdrawn to themselves, and are on the lips of gossipers and rumormongers in High Empyreum. Smerland, a group of brigands and bandits sailing across the high waters strike fear into the heart of Ackerland’s residents. Meanwhile the Borderlands thirst for vengeance has not been quenched with their freedom in the last 30 years. and in the middle of this spiderweb, is our group of adventurers, who must find a way to survive in this civilized jungle.


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