Getting Shafted

Kronax Mines Pt. 1

The new Elven settlement of Kronax had desperately reached out for help, as their new mine had recently gone dark, and scouting parties had disappeared as well. Nobu and Albeda, a human and moontouched, had received a missive for this cry for aid and had made their way to the city. Coincidently, Gemma Silverlock, a well known artisan of jewelry had made the trek to Kronax as well, hoping to get a peak in the mines while lending a helping hand.

They met in the Town hall building, bumping into high elf Lt. Azerah. They agreed to work as a team to clear out the mine, and help this city. Having been given the job by the town official to rescue the miners, and possibly minors, they set out with their guide, Aehronn and his half-elf son Daelin. On their way to the mine, Azerah struck up a conversation with Aehronn, learning why the town was powerless to help themselves, as it was hastily constructed by the conclave to mine the precious gems to fund their war effort.

Once the party of adventurers reached their destination they found quite a few things amiss. The overseer’s office was ransacked and destroyed, and a curious statue was near the mouth of the mine. upon further investigation, the party found that someone had ripped out the pages detailing what was found in the mine, and the statue was no statue, but a victim of a basilisk.

As the group trekked into the mine Azerah began to cross a rickety bridge. As soon as she was half-way across, the pair of basilisks attacked the party. Fire arced from Gemma’s fingers as she hurled spells at the beasts, even getting in an arc of lightning. Azerah was deftly dodging on the bridge, dropping between the planks to take a shot at the underbelly of the beast. Meanwhile Nobu, steeled himself and attacked the beast who threw it’s stony gave his way. As his body started to fall prey to this magical attack, he centered himself and roundhouse kicked the creature off the platform with a stony foot, allowing it to plummet to its death. At this moment, the bridge Azerah was on gave way and they fell to the next bridge. Azerah was bitten by the creature, and fell on the bridge unconscious, with the basilisk ready to eat her.

Gemma saw an opportunity and fired off a magical attack into the maw of the creature. Albeda saw this and struck with a magical white flame that seared the beast and began pushing out an aura of healing, as a blessing from Serena, rising her comrades. Nobu jumped down to the bridge with Azerah, and finished the creature off.

After collecting the magical blood of the basilisk, which would undo the paralysis spell, they began to map out the caves from the top of the mine. Following a ruby vein of ore, the skitterings in the dark alerted them to the arrival of 4 giant spiders. Nobu struck first at the spiders, wounding the advance guard as Gemma prepared a fire bolt. The spell seemingly bolstered by her determination, engulfed a spider in flames, killing it. Albeda, in her fear of spiders unleashed a radiant beam of light that misted the second spider. Nobu stuck again, slashing into the 3rd spider multiple times. as the last one skittered away, Azerah sturck out and sliced it in half. After cleaning their blades and searching the alcove, the adventurers set up camp. wondering what monsters would stand in their way, and if there were any survivors…


RBVakarian RBVakarian

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